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  1. Shumskaya, M. and Wurtzel, E.T. (2013) The carotenoid biosynthetic pathway: thinking in all dimensions.  Plant Science, 208: 58–63 (invited review). Download Full Text (Plant Science 2013)     Read from Plant Science web-site

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  1. Jerilyn A. Timlin, Aaron M. Collins, Thomas A. Beechem, Maria Shumskaya and Eleanore T. Wurtzel (2017). Localizing and Quantifying Carotenoids in Intact Cells and Tissues. In: Carotenoids. Dragan Cvetkovic (Ed.), InTech. Full text
  2. Sinetova M.A., Bolatkhan K., Sidorov R.A.,  Mironov K.S., Skrypnik A.N., Kupriyanova E.V., Zayadan B.K., Shumskaya M.,  Los D.A. (2017) Polyphasic characterization of the thermotolerant cyanobacterium Desertifilum sp. strain IPPAS B-1220. FEMS Letters, 364 (4): fnx027. Full text
  3. Beltran J., Kloss B., Hosler J.P., Geng J., Liu A., Modi A., Dawson D.H., Sono M., Shumskaya M., Ampomah-Dwamena C., Love J.D., Wurtzel E.T. (2015) Control of carotenoid biosynthesis through a heme-based cis-trans isomerase. Nature Chemical Biology, 11 (8), 598-605 Full text from Nature Chemical Biology
  4. Ampomah-Dwamena, C., Driedonks, N., Lewis, D., Shumskaya, M., Chen, X., Wurtzel, E.T., Espley, R.V., Allan, A.C. (2015) The Phytoene synthase gene family of apple (Malus x domestica) and its role in controlling fruit carotenoid content.  BMC Plant Biology, 15:185 Full text from BMC Plant Biology web-site
  5. Do W., Herrera C., Mighty J., Shumskaya M., Redenti S.M., Sauane M. (2013) Sigma 1 Receptor Plays a Prominent Role in IL-24-induced Cancer-specific Apoptosis. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 439(2): 215-220.  Download Full Text (BBRC 2013)     Read from BBRC web-site  
  6. Shumskaya M., Bradbury L.M.T., Monaco R., and Wurtzel E.T. (2012) Plastid Localization of the Key Carotenoid Enzyme Phytoene Synthase Is Altered by Isozyme, Allelic Variation, and Activity. Plant Cell, 24 (9): 3725-3741. Download Full Text (Plant Cell 2012)   Read from Plant Cell web-site
  7. Quinlan R.F., Shumskaya M. (co-first author), Bradbury L.M.T., Beltrán J., Ma C., Kennelly E.J., and Wurtzel E.T. (2012) Synergistic interactions between carotene ring hydroxylases drive lutein formation in plant carotenoid biosynthesis. Plant Physiology, 160 (1), 204-214. Download Full Text (Plant Physiology 2012)  Read from Plant Physiology web-site
  8. Bradbury L.M.T., Shumskaya M., Tzfadia O., Wu S.-B., Kennelly E.J., and Wurtzel E.T. (2012) Lycopene cyclase paralog CruP protects against reactive oxygen species in oxygenic photosynthetic organisms. PNAS USA, 109 (27), E1880-E1897. Download Full Text (PNAS 2012)     Read from PNAS web-site 
  9. Pisareva T., Shumskaya M., Maddalo, G., Ilag, L., Norling B. (2007) Proteomics of Synechocystis PCC 6803: Screening of integral plasma membrane proteins. FEBS J, 274(3):791-804. Download Full Text (FEBS J 2007)  Read from FEBS J web-site
  10. Kanesaki Y., Yamamoto H., Paithoonrangsarid K., Shoumskaya M., Suzuki I., Hayashi H., Murata N., (2007) Histidine kinases play important roles in the perception and signal transduction of H2O2 in the cyanobacterium, Plant J, 49(2):313-24. Download Full Text (Plant J 2007)    Read from Plant J web-site
  11. Shumskaya M.A., Paithoonrangsarid K., Kanesaki Y., Los D.A., Zinchenko V.V., Tanticharoen M., Suzuki I., Murata N. (2005) Identical Hik-Rre systems are involved in perception and transduction of salt signals and hyperosmotic signals but regulate the expression of individual genes to different extents in Synechocystis. J Biol Chem, 280(22):21531-8. Download Full Text (JBC 2005)    Read from J Biol Chem web-site
  12. Pathoonrangsarid K., Shumskaya M.A. (co-first author), Kanesaki Y., Satoh S., Tabata S., Los D.A., Zinchenko V.V., Hayashi H., Tanticharoen M., Suzuki I., Murata N. (2004) Five histidine kinases perceive osmotic stress and regulate distinct sets of genes in Synechocystis. J Biol Chem, 279(51):53078-86. Download Full Text (JBC 2004)    Read from J Biol Chem web-site


2017          U.S. Patent #9677056 “Method of Modifying Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Plants”

2012            “Method for enhancing carotenoid production by using location-specific enzyme variants to control carotenoid biosynthesis in plants”, WO2014028696 A1, filing Date: August 15. Inventors: Dr. Eleanore T. Wurtzel and Dr. Maria Shumskaya.


Shumskaya M. (2014) Proteomics and bioinformatics in metabolic engineering. MOJ Proteomics Bioinform, 1(4):00021. Download Full Text (MOJPB 2014)  Read from MOJ PB web-site


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